Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Finally Report on my Trip

As I had told in my previous post, now I found some time to post about the trip.

As the weekend was getting nearer I was excited about the trip. I totally forgot why am I going to Trissur. All I was thinking was, Athirampalli and vazhachal waterfalls. Sudin's marriage seemed to be an optional-on-the-way event. Also I was excited to go to my manager's(madam) farm house.

We did not get train as usual. KSRTC buses were available but all were leaving Bangalore in late evening and would reach Trissur very early morning. So we booked Kallada travels which was scheduled to leave at 9:30PM. I reached Madivala at 9:00PM itself. The bus came little late and finally at around 10:15PM I was in bus. It was OK-OK kind of bus. But somehow I was missing a seat belt. I was scared, I would be knocked off the seat. I was little unconfortable all along, but still managed to get some good sleep.

We reached Trissur some 2 hour late because the driver had lost way somewhere in Tamil Nadu. Sudin had already taken care of hotel room booking. It was a very good hotel, thanks to Sudin(Poornima in fact). After taking bath we got ready quickly and rented a Qualis and left to madam's house in Valapad. Driver was quite familiar with roads and took us through beautyful yet narrow roads of Trissur. We were mesmerized by the beautyful houses all along the road. Most of them were newly constructed and each one looked better than the other. Some of them were palaces. I think lot of people have returned from Gulf and constructing these beautiful homes.

We reached Athirampally, after lunch on the way, at around 2:30PM. Waterfall was awesome. I wanted to go to the bottom and sit under the fall. But no one was allowed there. After taking some cool snaps we went to Vazhachal. Here water flows on slopy rock. Here too no one was allowed to go near water. Took some cool snaps and had nice sandwitches prepared by madam's mom. Took some nice snaps. Weather was dramatically changed and became cloudy. It started thunders and lightning. We went back to Athirampally, where there is a place to go near water before the fall. I was not satisfied even after taking so many photos of the same scene. I did not want to miss even an inch of the picturesque scene. But anyway I am not a proffessional. Lightning and thunders were getting more vigorous. It started raining too. We rushed back to our vehicle. There was a thunder, so loud, I hadn't heard louder than that. The thunder was accompanied by immediate flash of light. So I thought it must have struck somewhere very much close. Next day I came to know that, 4 people died because of lightning in Palakkad dist. That was worse.

Then went to madam's house and had a nice dinner. Back at the hotel, I don't remember when I slept. It was morning again. It was Sudin's marriage, the main reason why we went to Trissur. Got ready and had breakfast. There was a shuttle waiting for us, thanks to Sudin. Went to marriage hall. Kerala marriages are very instantaneous. It just happened in a matter of minutes. Lunch was really nice. That's it the Kerala trip was over. Checked out from the Hotel, caught a bus to Coimbatore, from where we had booked our return bus. Also it is home town of Saravana.

Reached Coimbatore at around 5:00PM. Met Saravana's mother and father. Visited some nearby book shop and bought a couple of novels. Dinner was really nice. Saravana's mother is a great cook. Rajahamsa was waiting for us at 9:00PM. I was awaken by the very slow moving bus in lower gear. The bus was crawling on the road passing thorough hairpin bends climbing the mountain. I think it is called madumalai forest. After that I don't know when we crossed Mysore. I can sleep in the crowded, noisy BMTC bus and how can I not sleep in Rajahamsa. So that is the end of this one more un-forgettable trip.

Photos are really great, but I can't post them as all photo hosting sites are blocked in office. Someday when I get internet connection at home or from Sri's home I will try to put some photos. It was little costly for a two day trip, but I feel it was worth.