Friday, August 29, 2008

My last chance!!

My horoscope yesterday was very funny, it read "You could meet up with a dramatic individual today who expresses admiration toward you. If he or she doesn't feel noticed, you might not get a second chance."

I kept watching if anybody is observing me, hoping that it would be some "she", but unfortunately nothing happened. Did I loose my chance? Will I not get a second chance?

Hope is a good thing... good thing never dies. Life goes on!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Friends and acquaintances...

In the course of life, we meet a lot of people. Most of whom we forget and few become very good friends. Friends whom we meet everyday, with whom we go on jolly trips, watch movies, fight, do soul searching, discuss all the gossip, criticise everything under the sun and what not. A day is always around the corner, when we have to depart, move towards our destiny in our own ways.
I found most of best friends in engineering. It was during engineering that I stuck to one place for the longest time during my education. Last I had this feeling was on the send off day. I felt like world is going to end. I never meet my friends again. It was a kind of painful feeling that one can only feel, difficult to put in words.
Now again I am feeling that pain. After about 7 years. The reason, one of my best buddy in office, Vamsi has departed in his own career path. I had known him for 3 years. Our frequencies were properly aligned. We used to discuss everything under the sun, we worked for the same project for about 2 years and got some patents filed too(of course with few others). I never felt bored in his company.
Though emails and orkut keeps the friendship alive, life will never be the same. I hardly speak to my college friends once in a week. I have not met many of them since college days. Somehow life gets adjusted over time and keeps moving. Time heals anything and everything.
I am damn sure this time, it takes longer to heal. But till then I will be feeling this awkward, confusing sensation.

Jetlag or may be not

A day after returning from tiring firefighting trip to USA, am I feeling jetlag? I am not sure because I didn't feel it in US. I don't know why I woke up at 3AM in the morning and couldn't sleep again.

To kill boredom, thought of doing some soul searching.

First to all my friends, Happy Friendship day. It was on Aug-3, Sunady. This Sunday was very short for me. All I know about sunady is morning at 10 I reached Frankfurt. After leaving at 12, by the time I reached Bangalore it was already Monday!!!

I ask myself what have I been doing lately? Slogging in office everyday... All work and no play makes anybody dull. So is the case with me.
I need a jumstarting in reading. It is hard to realize that I haven't read a single book in this year. I have not gone on any trekking this year. Oh my god, I am having serious problems. I need to do some root cause analysis and bring my life back on track!!