Thursday, January 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi it is!!

I managed to boot Raspberry Pi today. These are my first impressions.

I powered it using my Samsung micro USB mobile charger. Connected to LG 32" TV using HDMI cable. The awesome part is Keyboard and Mouse! Logitech RF wireless Keyboard and Mouse worked like a charm when I connected the dongle to USB. RJ45 cable connected to Router and Ethernet port on Raspberry Pi. SD card loaded with Raspbian "Wheezy" OS image.

It booted to command prompt. "startx" started the Xwindow system. It was nice to see my entire TV as desktop. Midori browser connected to internet effortlessly! Was happy to see my blog. Logged into facebook.
I wanted to publish this post from the pi itself, but google disappointed me. For some reason midori could not go past google accounts login page. Youtube was also disappointing as there was no flash player installed. I could not install any other browser too. Hoping to explore more over weekend!