Sunday, April 10, 2016

Premam - The movie that woke up "the myself"

I am always excited to have done something that is a possible answer to the question, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
What did I do now? Well, I watched a Malayalam movie for the first time!! Of course with subtitles!
This is second time I watched a movie of unknown language. Pan's Labyrinth, a Spanish movie was the earlier one.
Now, coming to the movie Premam - Oh boy! what a movie. It woke up "the myself" that was buried under the graveyard of long-term memories. The story of growing up, the infatuation, the love, the longing, the feeling of skipping a heartbeat in one sight, the elation, the depression, the pain, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, the realities of life, the responsibilities... Oh boy, the movie took me back two decades ago.
What an amazing dancer Sai Pallavi is. Did I not feel like I want to learn dancing... The hell I did. I even hatched out some plans to learn dancing. I don't know how long that desire will last, but somewhere it found a place in my bucket list.
Did I love the natural beauty of Kerala? Yes of course, I want to travel all around Kerala, get drenched in the rain(Oh my god, I am missing rain!), another entry into the list!
Coming back to the story, it appeared like too centered around one character, but I bet everyone will find a place to live their past in that character. To me, the movie conveys the message that there is no thing such as end of the world, the best of life will eventually find you, enjoy the sweet pain(is this an oxymoron!?) of life. The beautiful emotion that only a human being can experience. I bet everyone would have a Mary and Malar in their life, hopefully a Celine would come along to bring out the best in what is left in it. I wish everyone finds their Celine.
I have fallen in love with the song "Malare", I am practicing the lyrics to hum along the song. Another good feeling to have subscribed to Apple Music.
Finally thanks to Madhu (my cousin) who told me about this movie. He does some good things at times!


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