Friday, April 22, 2005

Kerala Trip II

I am little excited today because tonight we(Saravana and I) are leaving to Trissur to roam around and on the way we are attending Sudin's marriage!!!! In fact it is other way.
OK, whatever it is, I wanted to go somewhere away from work. But I somehow got this cold this morning. It can't stop me from going.

We have been invited to our madam's(my PM in office) house in Valapad. We have planned to see Athirapalli and Vazhachal waterfalls.
Watch out for great Kerala photos and details about the trip...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chetu's Party

I think yesterday was the most boring day in my life. In fact I did not want to come to office. Somehow I dragged myself to office. India's first innings disaster, further ruined my mood. Meanwhile I got a mail from Chetu, that he had arranged a small dinner get together that night. It was in Woody's.
I thought all of our gang would come. Sri had his exams on Sat and Sun. Kiri and Mahendra live in different part of world. Kar is busy in distributing his wedding invitation(Though he came to the place and left before dinner). So I was the only one left out without any special engagement. I was worried that I will be an odd man in the crowd.
Manju Kiran was there with his wife(forgot the name). Chetu's MS frined Muralidhar(incidentally our junior from UVCE) was there. So I got company of Murali. He had just resigned MS to write UPSC exam. My most of discussion was about UPSC exam. Then Avinash, our ECE batch mate, Chetu's friend joined the group. We had seen each other, but didn't know well. Murali, Avinash and I started chatting during dinner. We discussed everything about our work, where we live and so on. Incidentally Avinash's home was on the other side of the road from my home!!!!
Chetan's father was sitting next to Avinash, he told us the stories about Chetu's bride hunting. It was total fun. We also recommended to get Chetu married soon. So by this year end Chetu will be definitely married. Congrats Chetu!!! His father also told us that some girl is coming to bangalore to see Chetu, the next day. Chetu all the best!!!

At the end, we met Suraj and Vibha(I think it was just a coincidence). So it was all fun meeting old friends and making new ones. It was around 10pm. I had to go to railway station to pick my uncle. I enjoyed the drive to railway station with traffic/crowdless roads with no signal intersections. Hopefully Chetu will upload all photos someday.
Bon voyage Chetu!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Historic Meet

Finally it was the day when all of us were meeting. It was 3rd April 2005. Incidentally it was Kiri's b'day too. None of us remembered except Kar. It was the day when all 6 of us, Engineering project team, were going to meet after 3 and a half years. Oh.... sorry it was 7 in fact. Things change a lot in years. There was a new person, Kar's fiancee, Sowmya.

All 6 had never met after college days. Sri and I usually meet regularly. Kar and Kir, I might have met them 2-3 times. I had met Chetan in US!!! Mahendran was almost an alien. I had spoken to him once.

Lot of things have happened is these many years. First of all Kar is getting married. None of us(at least I) had expected Kar will be the first. We all knew it would be Chetu. Anyway, Kar is getting married to Sowmya on May 11th.
Next is, Kiri also followed Kar. He got engaged to Latha yesterday. This too came as a surprise.
There are more things like, Chetan got relocation to US. He is leaving this weekend. Mahendran is finally back to Bangalore. He got an offer from Wipro.
Well, there is a news about Sri, too. But he will only reveal it.

We had all been to Sunny Holiday Village for dinner. We played a game called "Mafia" which was suggested by Chetu. I never got a chance to be mafia. I still don't know whom would I have killed if I was a mafia!!!
That place was so crowded that we had to wait even for bill. We did not give any tips.

Donno when others follow Kiri and Kar. All the best to everybody.

Case of Mondays again!!!

Well, it is monday after all. The most boring day of the week. I had cribbed about it sometime back too. But that was in Phoenix. Now this time in Bangalore.
I have never felt like this before. I have zero interest in work today. Downloaded some 700MB of stuff from nvidia website. Some development kit and demo and all....

Nothing is coming into my mind. I am not sure what I want to do. Probably go to Sri's home and get harry Potter books. That was what I was doing in Phoenix and I used to feel very good after that. Probably that should cheer me up.
There is nobody to ask me what I am doing. Nobody tells me what to do also. I know a day will come when my manager asks me what I did during whole 6 months.

Probably I should think of all the good things that happened during last weeks, rather I should write. Check out the next blog....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Some Facts about Kannada

Well, I am writing this in English. I don't have Baraha at this time, to write in Kannada.

1] Kannada is the third oldest language of India.( After . . Sanskrit & Tamil )
2] kannada is as old as 2000 years.
3]Kannada is 99.99% perfect - logically and scientifically.
4] We got 7 Gnana peetha awards. Look at other languages . . .
Hindi -- 6, Thelugu - 2, Malayalam - 3, Tamil -- 2 ( Second one during 2005 )
5]Shri VINOBA BHAVE has called kannada script as QUEEN OF WORLD SCRIPTS - " Vishwa lipigaLa RaaNi - kannada "
6] So called international language -- English do not have its own Script. English is written in " ROMAN "
7] So called national Language -- hindi do not have its own script.
Hindi is written in
" Deva nagari "
8] Though Tamil has a script, logically it is imperfect -- as common letters are used for many pronunciations.
9] When " kaviraja maarga was written . . ." kaaveriyimda , gOdaavarivaregirpa ... " by Amogha varsha nripathumga, English was in cradle & hindi was not born at all.