Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finally I am back!!!

I am finally back!!! Blog site was blocked in our office and I don't have internet at home. Oh, how shameless to say I don't have internet access!!! Nowadays, life without internet is like living in stoneage.

Well so many things have, happened in the past 2 months(Since I stopped blogging).... Lemme recollect some...

My site purchase dream was shattered when governament stopped all land registrations :-(
Kiran's marriage, meeting Kar and family...
Lot of work in project
War of the Worlds in PVR(we got tickets at the nick of time....)
Missing trip to Murdeshwar
Finished Harry Potter and the Half blood prince, and its hangover for a couple of days....
Finally applied for VISA!!!

Now, I hope to have returned to normal state. I hope I will continue to blog regularly!!!