Sunday, August 28, 2005

Team Building Outbound to Golden Palms

It had been long pending, our team building outbound, because of various reasons. Finally it materialized on Wednesday, 24th Aug 2005.

The place is Golden Palms Spa and Resort. It is very huge and well maintained resort. The cost is equally high. Totally it was full of joy, our chance to rag new comers to the team. We played some HR kind of games and cricket, squash, carrom, TT.

I tried some close-up shots of flowers and photos came really nice.

We are first to finish this pyramid

A Group Photo!!!!

Bee has just come of the flower!!!!

I liked this walkway very much!!!

Varamahalakshmi @ Home

This is the photo of Varamahalakshmi @ my home last week.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Long(Quick) Weekend

Last week was very quick. So was the weekend. It was long weekend for names sake, though we had 3 days holiday. I spent all Saturday and Sunday browsing at home. Monday Sridhar and I went to watch Mangal Pandey. Yet another time fate proved it. We can't watch a movie so easily. For second time we came back without watching a movie.

We didn't get tickets at Urvashi, next show at Swagat was at 3:15. So thought of going to Lal bagh flower show. For our unfortunate fate, about a lakh people visited flower show on that day. It took about 15 minutes for us to reach Lal bagh main gate from Urvashi on bike(We could have walked twice up and down), then decided to buy some DVDs.

At least we could do that. Bought a couple of DVDs. As usual I didn't watch any of them. They are lying on my rack now. I hope to watch them this weekend.

Quandaries at social gatherings

I hate social gatherings. I avoid such gatherings as much as possible, because I can not stand the questions and opinions people have about software engineers.
Whenever my grandfather and uncle get chance, they keep bragging about me to everybody. I can't stop them, because I think it makes them happy. But people who listen to such boasts can't buy in all these boasts. They seem to take vengeance on me when I happen to be a victim to be present at such gatherings.

First question I get is, "yaava company, EshTu koDtaare? nim thatha tumba hogaLta idru" (Which company, How much do they pay? Your grandpa was bragging about you). Their tone will be in such a way that I have committed a terrible sin and I should be punished.

Some people even try to predict future if software engineers, they say this boom will not lost, it ca not sustain for more than 2-3 years, china will overtake .... bla bla bla

I wonder what is my mistake for all these. I guess it is the case with most of us. Don't know when our elders understand not to be like this with us.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Hmm.... it is quite some time since I came back. Let me post something...

Well I got broadband connection last week from BSNL. It seems OK. Decent speed but download limit:(

There are many reasons for me to get broadband connection....

Internet access is limited in my company. Blogs sites are blocked too.
There was a time when e-mail was Hi-Fi way of communication. Now it has become outdated, almost everyone has blog. People are too lazy to e-mail now. Some say "go and check my blog"....
All these weekends I sit at home watching TV. I thought I would do something different if I had internet. Something useful of course!!!

All these and many more reasons compelled me to get internet. Also since broadband is affordable I went for it.
I hope I will be regular blogger and I can keep up-to-date with my friends too....

There are many things I have to do this weekend. Choosing a proper template to my blog, blog tools, uploading lot of pics and so on.... Good time pass for long weekend.