Saturday, March 31, 2007

noDu huDugi omme nanna... (look at me once....)

Times is really flying. I am finiding it too tough to manage it. If there was a way to have more than 24 hours a day....

Mungaaru maLe
Well, probably I have set a record by listening to these songs for infinite number of times. Ever since I got these songs, from about 2 months, I have been listening to only(I mean only) these songs. Somedays more than 5-6 times!!! Everything in these songs is magical, lyrics, music, everything. Sometimes I fall in love with some of the instruments used, and want to learn. In fact I am still listening to the songs as I am typing....

What else is happening.... Last week, was planning to watch this movie, as usual I could not get tickets. Spent whole day playing carrom.
Sunday went to one of my colleagues village about 70kms from Bangalore. It was my longest drive on my bike. Nice drive, but it was very hot.
My TV is not yet fully repaired, so its kind of hiatus to PS2.
One good thing is I am watching lot of movies. Whenever I get a chance I would watch a movie.

I am planning to try my luck to watch Mungaaru maLe tomorrow, all the best to me!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Ugadi(Ugadi shubhashaya)

Ellarigu Ugadi habbada shubhashayagaLu. Hosa varsha ellarigu hosa anubhavagaLu, hosa bharavasegaLu, hosa yashassannu tarali endu haraisuve.
(A happy Ugadi to everyone. I wish new year will bring a lot of new happiness, hopes and success.)

Well, in one of the TV channels, they were predicting that for Salaried Scorpions(somebody like me!!) this year may not be successful. I read somewhere that, there are chances of me getting into fight with friends and relatives. I have no idea of how such predictions are made. But I hope no bad things will happen.

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things.
- Stephen King

Today's Fortune!!!!

"You are going to have a very comfortable old age." Hoo ha, this is orkut's Today's fortune. Good to know that I am not old yet.