Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mansoon rain finally showered!!!!

Yes!!! After months of desperate attempts, I, finally, watched 'Mungaaru maLe(Mansoon Rain)'. Generally, whenever I watch a movie I used to be left with one of two types of feeling. One, forget about the movie before even stepping out of the theater. Other, keep thinking about the movie for many days, I used to live in the movie for many days. But this one left me with a third type. I wanted to watch the movie again... I want to live this movie again...may be forever. I made desperate attempts to watch the next show... but luck was not on my side(as usual).

For the first time in my life, I felt like watching a movie again... I used to wonder how people watch same movie more than once. Now I know.

I liked everything in this movie. Not to mention its songs. I liked songs so much that, I bought the audio CD!!! I fell in love with rain(probably thats why it is not raining in Bangalore!!!). I think I fell in love with everything around me.

Any triangle love story ends in a tragedy. Of course, it is the same case with this movie too. But it couldn't have been ended in a better way, because I was not so depressed at the end of the movie. As the theme of the movie, "tyaga preetiginta doDDadu(Sacrifice is greater than love)", it has a decent ending. I liked the line "HaNeyali bareyada ninna hesara, hrudayadi naane korediruve(Your name is not written in my fate, but I have engraved it in my heart)". What a wonderful line. It conceals many deep emotions in few words. I wonder how lyricists think...

This movie has taken me to a different world. I think I am still not back to normal yet. I hope I stay their for more time...