Monday, October 15, 2007

Brain Story

Recently I was watching some episodes of BBC's documentary, Brain story. I was just wondering, brain is such a complex instrument, even another brain can not understand it. The only edge human brain has is cognition. I don't know if the cognition can be attributed to only brain, but that makes humans superior.

That makes every human being a precious and complicated system. Everyone is so special.

It is amazing to know that even though every organ works normally, it is ultimately brain that does everything. Though our eyes are capable of seeing everything, it is up to our brain to really show it to us. Many times I was wondering how can brain or eye process such a file resolution of visual data. The reality is eyes see very little and rest of the data is filled by brain from the memory.
That leaves another mystery of memory. Nobody so far have been able to find how brain stores and retrieves memory. Most interesting phenomenon is Dejavu. It is amazing ability of brain to look into its huge database and make us feel dejavu.

Yet there is a heart which is equally complicated. But ultimately heart is also controlled by brain. But I feel heart has its own independent personality like brain. Most of the time we are controlled by heart too!!!

As a closing note, now I don't know if my brain or heart was controlling me when writing this!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eno onthara...

This title had been my gmail status from a couple of weeks. Many people asked me about it. Well that has been my mood. I wish I knew.

Nowadays I make it a point to checkout my daily horoscope in Deccan Herald. I never believed in all these. Not do I believe now. But a funny thing is most of the days it matches with whats going on with me. Today it reads like this:
"You may develop a sense of your own uniqueness, and inner piece prevails, helping you to overcome anger".

Last word may be different but most of it is TRUE. I don't know why I am like this. I don't even know if I am alright. Something seems to be bothering me, but don't know what or why.