Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Story so far....

It appears like I manage to post something at least once a quarter!!! That's not something I wanted though.... We are almost halfway through the year 2008, so at least it is about time for me to post my new(may be not so new!!) year resolutions. If I am not living upto those resolutions, at least it pricks me during retrospection(I hope to do one!!!).
Well, I had decided that the year 2008 is going to be the year of changes, the changes I very much wanted in life, but had been procrastinating. So simply put, I wanted it to be the year of actions. I resolved that I have a starting problem, I hesitate to do anything new. I am worknig towards resolving this....

I made few decisions, few of them which I remember are:
1) I don't want to be the victim of lifestyle related diseases mainly obesity. I knew that I was way overweight. I could feel it. Many times I was embarrassed of my heaviness.
Status : I have had fair amount of success in this case. I should be ever thankful to my friend and colleague vamsi who took me to office gym. Though he discontinued after a couple of weeks, I never stopped. Now after 3 months I have managed to shed some 6kg of fat and even managed to grow some muscles :) (I can feel it though it is not apparent)
Only drawback of this activity is that I loose about an hour and half everyday :(

2) Start some hobbies
This is a bit tricky. I deliberated on some of my interests, I am pursuing them. I like to learn a musical instrument, photography, learning new languages.
Status : Not much success in this one, but I have not given up the vigor.

3) The fate of my higher studies. I am pursuing my MS at Illinois Institude of Technology, sponsored by my company.
Status : I had decided to table this one last year. If I don't write GRE this year, it is as good as it is permanently shelved. History says dropouts have better prospects!!!

In general, year 2008 is indeed the year of changes. It is an year to remember(I should write more to do so). I believe my life has been through a full 180 degree phase shift. Everything I wished to happen, as simple as tossing a coin to the matters that would have changed the course of my life, backfired on me. Not a single wish of mine has come true so far. But I don't regret it. Some of the real good things have happened that I had neither wished nor expected. Few of them worth mentioning here are winning of Technical achievement award, filing first patent!!

Thats what it is so far. I hope the latter half of the year will be even more challenging and exciting than former one.