Monday, July 14, 2008

Butterflies - Winged Jewels

It had been a very busy month and I hardly had any weekend off from work since 4 weeks. When Saravana and Vamsi called me to visit butterfly park at bannerghatta, I couldn't say no. I desperately needed a break and my horoscope said "having fun or not is in my hand and I need not slog like a donkey everyday" - I wonder how do they know so much about me!!

Weather was amazing for the ride, perfect cloudy yet not dull. It was hardly 20 mins drive from my office on bike. The roads are very good. The park is beautifully made and well maintained.
Entry fee is Rs 20 per person and 10 for kids. Camera will cost additional Rs. 20. One thing I liked very much is, as we entered the park, the gaurd asked us to not leave any plastic items in the park. I hope everybody follows that.

Entrance to the park

There is a big circular structure surrounded by metal mesh and a huge dome as its roof. Inside the structure is a beautyful garden with a lot of flowering plants. Inhabitants of this floral heaven are winged jewels - beautiful butterflies. There is an artificial waterfal and a small tank with few colorful fishes - though water was hardly enough for those fishes to breath.

I think it was not the right season for butterflies, there was not a veriety of them. Since it was first time for me, I liked them very much. I learnt names of few varieties too!! It is the best place to learn lighting and macro photography.

This is my best shot!!

Stripped Tiger

I forgot their names!!

It was a pleasant, refreshing, very much needed break after a long time. I had been working on Bannerghatta road since 6 and half years and staying close to it since 4 years and never been to bannerghatta. It is nice to have such a place close to Bangalore.
A word of caution - don't expect a swarm of hundreds of verieties of butterflies here. It may be just the beginning.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random thoughts...

After a long time I am feeling very light, sitting in front of my PC, listening to my favorite melodies at home on a Sunday night. Absolutely no worries about Monday, how very strange!!
I don't remember when I was so relaxed. I feel like I have all the time in the world to do everything I ever wanted to do!!

It is first weekend I am at home in the evening since 4 weeks. That is merely a fact and definitely can not be a reason for my happiness.

Whatever it is, I definitely need a break, a good one. I hope Sridhar's next week plan materializes and importantly I will be part of it.

For the records, I have been implementing a particular feature in a short term project for almost 1 month. I have been slogging every day but no success. I have never felt so miserable in my professional life before, I finally missed my deadline and I have no confidence of finishing it sooner.
This can not be the reason for my feel good mood, but somehow, somewhat it is good for me. All the best for myself for the week ahead!!