Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flying High

One fine day I was in the lab slogging as usual. One of my managers here came by to see what I am upto. I gave him a demo of new features we are developing. Well, I work on cockpit display products. Currently working on adding new weather display products to an existing display system. It happened that he was a hobby pilot and invited me to fly with him, if I was interested!!! Why wouldn't I be interested?? He told we would go on following Friday.

Then I forgot about it in my busy debugging. Friday he came and asked me if I am ready. Oh man, I was born ready!! Then we drove to the nearby New Century airport, and I found myself in the cockpit of Cessna 172, a 4 seater single propeller airplane.
Cessna 172 - The most number of planes ever built, about 43000 planes built and still under production!!

Kansas River

Kansas River - More views

K10 and K7 intersection

My office!!
More views

More planes at the airport

It was dream-come-true moment. The bird smoothly took off. It was totally different from those jet-liners which shake the nerve off for the first timers. I have to admit I was nervous initially. It was marvelous watching the beatyful landscapes from 1500 feet high. We flew over our office, and those freeway loops, I neve thought they appear so beautyful. It was amazing 30 mins of flying. Landing was very smooth. So it was a perfect beginning to the weekend....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crazy days

Hmm... here I am, watching The Matrix on HBO after a cup of strong, hot coffee which is failing to get rid of my head ache, on a friday night, that would be a saturday in any moment...

There are so many things happened since my last post.

First of all I am happy to announce my sister's engagement. It all happened in a jiffy, I am not sure if I realized it myself. I had been having the most hectic time at office, and so at home front. There was no time to even panic, anyway everything just fell in place. All is well that ends well.

The very next day I was on my way to the Bangalore International airport on a long journey to US of A. That puts a comma or semicolon or whatever to my 70~80 hours work week and force me to compress all that within 50 hours week. I am allowed to work only 11 hours a day and 5 days a week. No time to fool around. Just work like a machine, and I have managed to do it for 4 weeks now.

Now I am sipping Coke in the hope that it would give some relief to my head ache!!

Oh, I just realized it is Saturday!!! After 4 weeks, I am planning to visit Kansas city zoo tomorrow, to quench the thirst to my camera and lens!! Oh by the way, I am currently located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Watching 'The Matrix', I was making chapathi. I started thinking if the chapathis are real? Of course they have to be because, it was in no shape of a chapathi!!! Well they tasted nice.
I am really proud of my culinary skills. I have not starved in last 4 weeks. Except one day I had to stick to fruit diet because I had watched this movie 'Milana' the previous night.

It looks like coffee and coke combination is making things worse, my head ache didn't come down at all, probably I need some sleep...