Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"No procrastination drive" - First step

I had my first success in my "No procrastination drive". I have a list of things that are pending because of my indolence and inertia.
One such pending thing was my bike insurance. This had been pending for almost 3 years. I finally got it done on Tuesday. As a punishment to myself, I did not want to get it through an agent. I went to Insurance office and got it done. Though it was not significant, I felt a great deal of accomplishment!!!

There is an endless list of such things which I intend to accomplish in this year. All the best to myself!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year resolutions - 2009

First of all, let me wish a very happy new year to one and all... I hope year 2009 brings contented life to everyone.

Year 2008 was a great one. Probably the most significant year in my life so far. I had a fair share of successes this year. Few of my dreams fulfilled, few more got added into my bucket list.
I also had quite a share of failures too. Few of them changed the course of my life, few of them shaped me into what I am today. I can emphatically say that 2008 was a turning point in my life.
Above is true for both professional and personal front.

The year 2008 began with a bang, shattering one of my fondest dreams. There were other setbacks, but these are reserved for my "ಮೌನದೊಳಮನೆ"(Inner palace) .
I was awarded "Technical achievement award", the highest engineering award in my company, along with fellow teammates, co-authored for 2 patents finally ending the year with an "Individual Excellence award".
I managed to shed some weight too, though I did not go on any trekking trips year. My sister's marriage got fixed.

Professionally it was a very hectic year, working on a product with challenging development cycle, as a lead system engineer.

Those were the highlights. As I step into new year 2009, I need to have a strategy as undoubtedly 2009 is going to be even more challenging, both professionally and personally. As I retrospect on things that did not go well in 2008, the main reason I found is my procrastination.

So this year's my mantra is no-procrastination. Procrastination is a killer.
There is no meaning to "I don't have time". Everyone has 24 hours only.
Sometimes I need to swim against the tide, most of the times I went along with it.
I need to give due diligence to my hobbies (I will write about my hobbies later)

There are many other things I had in mind, but unable to remember now. Nevertheless, I am looking forward for more challenges and surprises in 2009. Welcome 2009....