Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Wonders - Living on edge...

Sometimes I really enjoy when I finish things just in time. It is really not living on the edge of life, but still can be considered so, for small wonders it brings.
One such thing is my income tax returns. I finally filed it this week, March 31 being the last day for doing so. Also I am in need of some funds in the form of loan. My financial future would have been doomed this year, if I hadn't filed my tax returns now. I
Other funny things are, somedays I go to my office by inter-office shuttle. The shuttle leaves main campus at 10:05AM. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when I catch it just in time. For this I won't leave from home until 9:55, negotiate insane traffic, park the bike in hurry and run. Many times I have just gotten into the bus when it is almost about to close the door. But the pleasure and some silly sense of accomplishment it gives, I can't put in words. Needless to say that,I have also managed to miss the shuttle couple of times too.
These are some small wonders that make the day interesting :)