Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deepavali Habba

It looks like I have a 'hiatus syndrome'. I make so many resolutions and make a good start, but before I realize, one day I procrastinate, and that's it. I just decide to postpone it to tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. But today, I just decided I would simply do, what I can do. Forget about all that I failed to accomplish.

Coming to the title of post, like every year, Deepavali is festival lights. Fortunately, I was in India this year, thanks to recession. I was in dilemma whether to buy crackers. I have to care for the environment I live, but how could I convince these complex issues to cousins, as big brother, they expect me to buy them crackers. When I was pondering over my dilemma, I heard about the life of people in Sivakasi, the place where all the crackers are supposedly made. They have only two profession, manufacturing crackers and printing. I felt pity for them.

So if I buy crackers, in some tiny scale, I would be helping those guys. So I decided to buy crackers that do not make huge noise. In that way, I would not be contributing to the sound pollution.

So the whole festival went without any hitches. Everyone enjoyed fireworks. Nobody was hurt(I almost lost an ear 2 years ago!!). So here are some snaps of the fireworks.