Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hmm... Once again a long hiatus. I am missing my blog so much. Finally managed to steal some time from busy life to give due justice my longtime companion...

While there are plenty of things about my life to write here, right now lot of things are going on inside my mind, and sometimes I haven't been able to comprehend certain things. I have been wondering what is happening to me, why are these things happening to me.
After a long time I thought of checking my horoscope on, which had been my favorite time pass, and most of the times, funny thing is the horoscope matches!!! This is what was there for me,
"It may seem as if you haven't been like your old self in years with dreamy Neptune in your sign for the last decade. Now it's time to look back and think about all the changes you've been through, especially the ones that elude logical understanding. You are in a gradual transition phase, and your realizations today could be instrumental in making the choices that will redefine your life in years to come. Be patient; this kind of transformation takes time."

OK. I have patience in abundance, I am waiting for the transformation!!