Tuesday, July 20, 2010

de ja vu - reliving those days!!

Those days are back!! Days, where the life was so busy coding, debugging and adding new features to the software, I almost forget coffee, lunch and even the sense of time. Even in my dreams I see code, I think of solution and sometimes I get idea to fix some bug while sleeping.

A couple of years back I had worked in similar project. My recent project is giving me the opportunity to re-live those days. I forget all the daily chores of life. Not feeling happy on Friday, as I have to wait for 2 more days to jump into coding.

When I get exhausted, I just take a cup of coffee and stand on the terrace watching the bustling Bannerghatta road traffic, I think I am much better than those restless people who drive insanely to reach their targets a few seconds earlier. I listen to soothing music on radio and I feel like flying. I feel unbounded, free and I remember the movie Forrest Gump that I watched last week.  I am enjoying every moment of it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A refreshing day!!

Today, I have an uncanny urge to write. I am ashamed to see that my last post was 5 months ago. Lots of things have remained half-composed in scattered text files. I hope they will all find a way to my blog sometime sooner..

It has been a good day today. Lot of exciting stuff happening at office. Well, I have got an opportunity to develop application on iPhone/iPad platform. It came as a surprise offer after abruptly closing down my previous project.

Its been about 3 weeks since we(Paraddi my colleague and I) have been learning apple platform, and today our first application came up on simulator, which I feel is quite a feat. I am very happy about it. I am kind of liking Apple and Mac!!

It is a pretty challenging project. My manager bought 2 Mac Mini's and 5 books and gave them to us. He told its all yours, give me first demo on Aug 16th. Wow, man what a freedom. It is one of a kind of an opportunity to nerds like us. Even in my dreams sometimes I will be designing some framework for my application. It has been many years since I worked in this way. Wow, I am liking it.

And I am liking the fact that I am writing my blog too!!