Monday, October 03, 2011

A decade of Financial Independence

On 1st of October, a decade ago I started my career as a fresh engineer at Honeywell. Today I sit back and think of those days... It was freedom, financial independence.

It has been a decade. My company has given a lot of things to me. I should be thankful to my colleagues who helped me, who trusted me. My friend and colleague Satya tells me now I belong to HRC. (RC stands for relic community!!).

I have been through lot of things these past 10 years, some I regret I should have not done, and some I am proud of.
I fulfilled my responsibility as a brother, I myself got more responsible. Now only thing pending is to build a home.

Hope the coming years will be even better than the years that have gone by. I think during this month, most of my engineering friends would be completing their decade of feat as well, all the best guys!!