Saturday, August 25, 2012

Operation Fitness

This is my second innings towards fitness. I should say I was fairly fit during 2008. Post 2009 I started skipping work outs and put on weight. Stress, no work out and tension impacted adversely on my fitness. 
After my mother went to London to visit my sister, my culinary skills took care of my food intake and I started loosing my waste line by a thread. I felt good about it. Recently, I started to go on long walks in mornings, but my laziness ensured this routine is not regular.
Today, after noon I just decided to go on one such walks. I walked and walked and walked for about 2 hours. It started raining, still I kept walking. A sardar gentleman stopped his car and asked me if I wanted lift... Wow, I felt happy that world still has some goodness in it and I thanked him for the offer and told I preferred to walk.
After sometime, I got bored of walking. I took a bus to return. I checked in google maps and realize that I had walked for about 8km. Not a bad way to kill a Saturday!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My plans!

I always wanted to travel around. I used to go on trekking and travel with friends. Something inside me was still not satisfied.
So after a lot of thought, I became a member of Youth Hostel Association of India. And, I have signed up for National Himalayan Winter Trekking Expedition to Dalhousie. My cousin Madhu prompted me to take this action and I think I did a good thing.
The plan is to make this as economical as possible, so we are going by train and as much as possible will travel in second sleeper class. I have signed up for Dec 25th batch. While returning, we are planning to visit either Jammu or Amritsar. We are still debating.
A new desire is making rounds in my mind. How about biking trip in Goa arranged by YHA!! I will have to buy a bicycle and train myself. Let me see how I execute it.
Of course there are family trips lined up for Tirupati and Kukke Subramanya etc.

Welcome back to Digital self

I feel good to be back to my digital self. I don't want to crib... ok, thats it.

First of all, I became father! And My son and I share the birthday, that means my son was born on the same day I was born!! I should tell we did not go against nature for this to happen. That is kind of unique and cool.
I lost my grand mother 4 days after my son was born. That upset me for quite sometime. I relocated to Rajarajeshwari Nagar for various reasons. So life is not the same.
Mom has travelled to London to visit my sister, wife at her mother's place, so I am home alone most of the times. I enjoyed cooking, watching movies, playing with my son and retrospecting.
Now that my mother is returning next week, I will not have to cook, retrospect etc. So I get lot of time to play with my son and do something that I had always been wanting to do.