Thursday, December 05, 2013

My Love Story - Books

Books are great companions that are always by my side wherever I needed or not needed. Just carry a book everywhere, it will always act as a filler for boredom. I am forever grateful to my pal Sridhar who introduced me to this wonderful hobby. Back in engineering days he gave me this book, Jurassic Park, written by one of my favorite author, Michael Crichton. That is when I fell in love with books.

Recently I finished The Krishna Key. It is our own Indian version of The Da Vinci Code. It was a page turner with anagrams, interesting characters. There are characters equivalent to Robert Langdon, Silas, The Teacher, Bishop Aringarosa etc. I like the way author explains importance of 108, connection of 786 to 'Om'. This book also added new goals to my travel love story. One day, I want to visit Somnath Temple in Gujarath, Vrindavan and Mount Kailash.

It has pure Indian connection, as the name clearly indicates, it is about Krishna. Author has done a neat job of connecting a lot of dissimilar things to carve a fiction story. Somewhere in the middle, though I was loosing interest, the story immediately gained momentum. Prior to this, I enjoyed living through Shiva Trilogy.

I am not a fast reader. I enjoy imagining the whole scene and become a part of it. There is also a phenomena called Post-Read Depression. Last time I went through this was when I finished 7th part of Harry Potter series. After I completed this book, I didn't know what to do. I took some time to come out of depression, reading the 7th part second time also helped!

Now that I have finished a book, I enjoy choosing the next book. I have been planning on a non-fiction from sometime. Thus my love stories continue....

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Love, Life - wandering thoughts

"Love" as a noun means "A strong positive emotion of regard and affection". I am referring to this meaning of "Love" in this post.
It is such a wonderful state of mind to be in Love with someone or something, it can not be explained in words. One has to go through this state to feel it. When one is in love, one starts to live for it (Listen to 'Find Yourself' from Cars!). As one lives through it, one will make a love story. The story invariably ends or looses its intensity at some point in time(Could be happy ending or otherwise).
Now, what next? I think this is very unstable state. One becomes very unproductive in this state. Lot of questions start haunting the mind. A slight negative thought is disastrous in this state. This is also the beginning of a change.
What I propose is that one should start finding the next thing to fall in love with. I think falling in love is the most important and beautiful thing.
e.g. Fall in love with music, learn a musical instrument. Live for it, live in it. Life seems so beautiful.
For geeks, fall in love with a technology and live learning it and live in it.
For elevated souls, fall in love to bring a change in society. Fall in love with nature, follow every rainbow, climb every mountain.
But there are some things that are impossible to fall in love with. Don't loose heart, that is where movies like 'Lucia' comes to help. Fall in love with such things in your dream. Live the impossible in your dream.
Wow... there are so many things to fall in love with. One life is not enough to love everything that is out there!