Thursday, November 27, 2008

My blood is of no value!?!?

This happened yesterday. There was a blood donation camp at office. I thought of contributing to the noble deed, and the fact that some part of me will do some good to someone else took me there. I had just returned from US 2 days ago, from the hectic life with no or little time to sleep. I was told that my BP was high and asked to wait for another 10 minutes. Again, it was same. I don't know, could be because of the journey or the life-style in US caused it.

OK, I was ineligible for blood donation. Oh man the project costed me some personal damage too... All that is fine, I know I will be normal after a week, but what made me sad was what I was told by the lady who tested my blood pressure.

In order to make me less nervous(anyway I was not), she told my blood group is very common and "It does not matter if you do not donate". Oh my god, I am anyway worthless, and so is my blood!!!
Though I know that she didn't literally mean what she said, but some low priority thread spawned in my head thinking about that....

Back in homeland!!

Finally, I am back home. After about 2.5 months of living in US of A, which gave me much needed break to unleash my 'True' Aquarian nature. I realized that it is often good to be alone for sometime to introspect, retrospect one's own life and come up with a list of changes and chase them.
In these 2.5 months I had enough experience to last a lifetime. It was like a thriller movie, nobody knew if the project will see happy ending or tragedy. Last 2 weeks were as dramatic as any telugu movie. Everyday was so unpredictable, my heart skipped several beats, several times a day. Finally everything ended on a happy note. It was a perfect rat-race, it was my desperate attempts to escape.
The journey was smooth. I watched 3 movies, Journey to the Center of the earth, Wanted and Mama Mia, back to back from Chicago to Frankfurt. Slept most of the time on the last flight to Bangalore.
Here I am ready for another rat-race!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Saturday to remember!!!

Of late I had been thinking of doing some crazy things that I had never done before. It all started with my attempt to Cast Away. It seem to give me some crazy pleasure. I feel like, life is laughing at me and by doing some crazy things, I am laughing back at life!!

One Saturday, 9 Hours, 16km, 0 deg C, no particular reason.
On a saturday morning, I decided not to spoil it as I usually do. So I decided to go for a walk. I took map of Bestbuy on google(Google has map for walk). It gave me optimal route, like left on 112th st, right on 113th st, left on 115th st etc. Temperature outside was 0 deg C, and sun seemed to to be enjoying the saturday by taking break from his duty. It was very windy. Soon after 5 min of walk, my body was forcing me to go back to cozy hotel room. But I was determined not to give up. I was a stupid enough to wear a sweater at last moment.
I felt like wind was piercing through the neck and face, whereever skin was not covered. I was the only living being on the roads. After sometime, my body got adapted to cold.

I walked for about 2.5 hours and covered 7km to reach Bestbuy. Then visited Kohls, Walmart. These shops are so huge, I must have walked few kms inside shops. Then I saw Borders a few blocks away. A hot Capuccino Large with a travel magazene felt like heaven.

It was already dark outside. On the way paid a visit to Circuit city. Then realized I had not written down return journey through shortcuts. I just followed road grids to reach back to the hotel. It was scary at times, walking alone in dark night.

Only highlight of entire day was the Capuccino at Borders and sound sleep... After all, I couldn't ask more!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cast Away...

Lately I had been feeling very low on spirit and morale and I don't seem to understand the reason. I feel like I am losing or have lost something and I am not getting it back. I am unable to sleep properly and feel sleepy at office. I was thinking about the movie Cast Away. I wanted to be castawayed....
Incidentally my horoscope read,
"bla bla bla.. suggests that you could face an old ghost today as something reminds you of a childhood memory, a previous illness or an emotional hurt. As unsettling as this encounter feels, remember that you can heal the past through understanding and forgiveness. Also, keep in mind that what's happening now is not the same as what happened a long time ago."
How this person reads whats going on with me....
So I decided I really needed to sleep today, so I did something that I had never done before!!!
Any guesses... Nope you won't get it.

I started running, I wanted to runaway from everything. I ran, walked and ran again for almost an hour. I had run a long distance, but I was right there, where I started running... I was running on a treadmill. I had run for 61 min 20 sec, 7.23km, 500 cal spent. I was amazed, I could still go on. In the gym, watching Cast Away, I had run so long... what a contrast, in the movie, Tom Hanks wanted to come back and in reality I wanted to be castawayed...

I had a stroll outside the hotel after dinner. The temperature was close to freezing. It felt good.
I had a dreamless sleep.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Time went back!!!!

I was hoping to witness it ever since I learnt about day light saving concept. The time going back!! I was awake in the midnight to witness it myself. A romantic drama, 27 Dresses, was giving much needed entertainment. I was watching the time on my laptop. When it was 1:59:59AM, next second it jumped to 1:00:00AM!!! Wov, it was kind of exciting to witness it live and awake.
My previous stays in US was in Arizona where they don't follow this funny day light saving. So I never had witnessed it.
Now we ended day light saving time and back to what this longitude is supposed to be at. Daylight saving is an attempt to have more sunlight in the day after work hours due to various reasons. One logical reason seems to be saving energy. There are various reasons on the net. In winter sun seems to be in a mad hurry to finish his daily job, so days are very short.
Per Mahendra, we get to sleep an extra hour!!! So I think I will sleep half hour extra and utilize the other half to cook food for afternoon. Better compromise!! I hope no more starving in the name of fruit diet!